Why Join?

I will focus entirely on Lightroom, how I manage my files, how to batch process images, how to keep consistency across all your images, and will also showcase my way of exporting files! Entire time-efficient workflow!

What's covered?

Importing + Metadata + XMP files + LR Catalogs + Presets + Plugins + Processing + Export

My Promise

I will open my books when it comes to an entire workflow in Lightroom. Nothing to hide. Feel free to ask anything at any stage of live presentation.

Bonus Stuff

Every participant will continue to learn and share through our social media community! One lucky participant will win a 1hr One to One on Skype with me.

Lightroom Workflow & Images Consistency Webinar will answer all your questions when it comes to batch processing of all your Wedding Photographs in Lightroom. I will focus on an entire workflow, my setup, plugins that I use and more importantly, how to get consistency across all of your images. Shooting 75 Weddings every year is challenging. I found the right tools and shortcuts to help me speed up my post-production game, which in turn means more time for my family. I have also established ‘my style’ look to my images, where consistency in colours is a key in building trust with your Wedding couples.

2 hour Webinar Replay available

File Importing
File Handling
Working on Catalogs

Meet your speaker

I’m Tomasz and during our last WeddingWorkshop in Ireland, I focused on Editing Workflow for Wedding Photographers. The feedback I have received was surprising, as a lot of attendees did not know many of tools or techniques, that I use on a daily basis. Shooting 75 weddings every year is a huge challenge. Figuring out the right workflow and many shortcuts helped me to manage my time effectively, which in turn has given me more time for my family.

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