One name, two hearts. She is Irena, I’m Alex. Our footprints occur slowly and with love. Sometimes our paths merge into one, Irenas lovely spontaneity and remarkable innovation is intertwined with my accuracy and my creativity. This gives us strength for new adventures. In 4621 days of our miraculous marriage we become a dynamic and harmonious duet. Mutual understanding, unconditional love and care for our two wonderful daughters – this is what leads us to the magic of life. That’s how we create memorable photos and tell unique wedding stories.

Being able to do the things that I enjoy for a living makes me very happy. That’s why I became a full-time photographer. Throughout this journey, I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of the most amazing human beings; and be welcomed into their private world at one of their key life events. I truly love what I do: as a destination wedding photographer I get to live the passion of my art and combine it with my other love – travelling all over the World.

The most exciting thing about weddings is capturing true and authentic emotions, where you can feel the connection, joy and happiness beaming from everyone. I love to freeze those moments and allow my couples to look back at their wedding through my eyes.  Every wedding is a unique story with unique people and my job is to tell that story in the most beautiful way. I always try to be creative and look for that different angle to spice things up. I feel very lucky to do what I do, I’m happy to say I have the best job ever!

I am a 33 year old family man from Finland, a father of two adorable children and husband of the perfect wife. My main focus is storytelling and I love giving people the  opportunity to relive those moments. I am very childlike and love playing with my cameras, always wanting to try something new. I also shoot on film a lot which motivates my creative side.

I like to tell stories with my images and in doing so, leave a little mark on history. I make it my goal to create beautiful, creative and unforgettable wedding photography and at the same time, to work with couples to help them feel at ease in front of the camera. At the heart of my wedding photography are those special fleeting moments, which are so often lost in the flurry of excitement of a wedding day, but which are actually the pictures that tell the real story.

I love to shoot weddings in my very own way. I’m really grateful that couples give me their trust to do things the way I do them. Sometimes weird, sometimes crazy, sometimes just normal. Sometimes I wonder if I would hire myself based on what I do. I know for sure, that I would hire myself based on who I am. Just an ordinary guy with a camera that tends to hang around weddings and meet a hell lot of people while enjoying it at the same time. That’s my story. Love People. Live a Life.